My Services
gallery/25mm warhammer

I paint all historical periods and Fantasy/SyFy,  in 15mm, 25-28mm and larger.

I can also do 10mm figures on a case by case basis. Although some 10mm have as much detail as a good 15mm and would therefore cost nearly the same price.

Figures that require extra detail such as Highlanders, Landsknects, Immortals, or individuals like Civilians, Cowboys  etc cost a bit more.

Plastic multi-piece figures must be assembled before being sent to me. Also due to the extreme fragility of multi-piece plastics, even carefully wrapped/shipped/ and insured, I can’t guaranty  safe arrival even with the best intentions.

Billing is done before shipping but I charge true shipping rates.

Those wishing to use PayPal ( ) please add 5% to the total cost

If figures are ordered through me, I require 50% down payment of the total cost before they will be ordered.


gallery/10 & 15mm napoleonics

15mm       Infantry $1.10
                Cavalry  $1.60
                vehicles $5.00

Non-Uniform figures 
(Cowboys,Civilians, Fantasy) $2.00

gallery/25mm historical

25mm      Infantry $1.75
                Cavalry $3.50

Non-Uniform figures 
(Cowboys,Civilians, Fantasy) $3.00